Right now we have a lot of projects going with both InterForm400, but also with our new platform-independent version InterFormNG which already is in operation in a number of companies. The two products will continue in parallel and we now have more installations on the IBM i (AS/400) than we have ever had.

I have worked with InterForm400 for more than 20 years and it has been exciting and challenging throughout the many years. I can truly say that my work is my hobby. It all started with something I describe as a good idea. Later I got a lot of inspiration from customers and our network of good partners.

This spring I turned 70 years and this event made me consider the future. In light of the above, I wanted to adapt the InterForm company in such a way so I can continue my exciting job/hobby for many years to come.
To assure this I have made some changes to the company.

The ownership of InterForm A/S has been enlarged with 4 good and younger employees:

  • Henrik Eriksson
  • Karsten Kristensen
  • Kim Starup Egekjær
  • Peter Sørensen

Peter Sørensen is the new CEO of InterForm A/S and will in the future be responsible for the daily operation. Personally, I continue as a system developer (that’s what I do best) and take over as executive chairman.
As the “new” InterForm A/S we all look forward to continuing working with you.

Kind regards,

Per Kristensen
System developer & founder
InterForm A/S


Hey there, thank you for reading my posts. I write about output management. In fact, I have done it for 15 years and I love it. With that said, I like to share what I learn. Through the years I have had many roles - presales, sales, marketing, and today I am now CEO and owner of InterForm with the same learning mentality. I am very interested in topics involving new trends, what is going on out there, and how we can help customers solve challenges. My true passion is helping and inspiring customers. I like to be inspired by others so please reach out to me if you have something to share. Peter