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Product: Oman Arab Bank

Oman Arab Bank use InterForm Output management with Full DBCS /Unicode support

Oman Arab Bank is a fully modern bank, committed to meeting its customer needs efficiently and handling their funds responsibly. They've been a leader in technology, with their iterative IT department striving every year to improve the bank's offerings.

One of the ways Oman Arab Bank has improved over the years is in the area of paper consumption. Banking has always been very intensive in this area, with checks, forms, policy statements loan documents, applications and more.

Oman Arab Bank first began using InterForm400 in 2006 in order to handle Arab characters. This allowed the bank to eliminate pre-printed forms, as well as help with the flow of information both internally and externally. Today, Arab Bank throughout Africa and the Middle East uses InterForm400 exclusively.
For Oman Arab Bank, InterForm has dramatically expanded the way they can use MISYS Equation Core Banking to reach customers with the information they want when they need it.


MISYS Equation Core Banking and InterForm400: a Perfect Match


Using InterForm400, Oman Arab Bank brings the customer report data from Equation and creates optimized and attractive customer-facing reports. In fact, Oman Arab Bank uses InterForm400 for all customer-facing documents, adding much-needed functionality and versatility to Equation. And, it does so independently. When faced with the coming upgrade from version 3.9 of Equation to the current version, Mr. Mustafa Srour Deputy General Manager of Oman Arab Bank had no worries. "The beauty of InterForm400 is that it is independent of our ERP so we can upgrade as without any complications" says Mr. Srour.


Volume Printing and Increased Efficiency


Oman Arab Bank has been able to greatly increase its printing efficiency by centralizing high volume prints from each of its 60 branches. Deal confirmations, loan documents, Forex invoices, statements and many other sorts of documents are created, folded and inserted separately. They're even pre-sorted in line with Postal Service requirements right from the printer. Mr. Srour Deputy General Manager says Oman Arab Bank uses InterForm400 to "sort and split the spool file according to area code," creating much greater efficiency.


Mail, Email and Greater Service Levels


One of the problems Oman Arab Bank used to face was the paper-intensive nature of customer communication. Due to climate and infrastructure, many customers use PO boxes, and only have access to physical mail on occasion. For this reason, among others, customers can benefit greatly from email communications.
InterForm400 brings email technology and functionality to those customers. Oman Arab Bank is now using InterForm400 to create customer eStatements, allowing their customers to have ready access to statement information in PDF form via email. These PDFs are encrypted and password-protected, ensuring compliance with financial-sector privacy and security concerns and putting customers' minds at ease.

This customer service improvement even extends out to the transaction level. Customers can receive notifications or advises for each transaction via SMS or email. The email option is not only cheaper than SMS, it also allows Oman Arab Bank to provide the customer with much richer content.  HTML Email notifications are sent directly from the AS400, and InterForm400 verifies the email syntax and approves the notices before they're sent out, eliminating much of the need for list maintenance. HTML templates allow Oman Arab Bank to send out the exact message they want in the exact format they want.

"Our service levels have increased significantly. Our customers no longer have to receive statements via snail mail; we are simply able to deliver the right information at the right time," says Mr. Srour.


Check Printing


Oman Arab Bank has some unique needs, given that its customers may use either English or Arabic language checks. The native check printing functionality in InterForm400 allows the use of either language. Oman Arab Bank has been able to use InterForm400 to design more than 20 different check layout forms, expanding the utility of the product even further. For a bank with intensive check printing needs, InterForm400 is a wonderful fit.


Helping Arab Bank Do what It Does Best


InterForm400 allows Oman Arab Bank to take all of the data and transaction information in the MISYS Core Banking Equation and use it in a way that improves both internal and external efficiency, and ultimately leads to greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Mustafa Srour Deputy General Manager is very happy overall with what InterForm has done for Oman Arab Bank. "The product is excellent and so is the service. I recommend InterForm to any company, especially those in the banking sector. What we have been able to do with the product is fantastic."


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