Product: Advanced PDF Software Solution for any ERP|AX|SAP|Infor|etc.

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Product: Advanced PDF Software Solution for any ERP|AX|SAP|Infor|etc.


Advanced PDF

Secure, encrypt and password protect PDF files from any ERP system


Enterprise PDF software for any ERP system


The PDF format is far richer than the generic usage reflects, and you can do far more with a PDF than archiving it electronically or sending it in an email. With the AdvancedPDF module we extend the standard PDF functionality that InterFormNG Output Management offers.

Many organizations have already replaced their paper-based processes, but most of them have not fully utilized the benefits of having electronic documents. The AdvancedPDF offers these organizations several new options and capabilities. 

With the AdvancedPDF module you can: email invoices according to local legislation, apply software certificates and digital signatures, encrypt and password protect content, or match content electronically. The options are almost endless.

AdvancedPDF Features

  • PDF Security
  • Certificate and digital signature
  • Encryption and password protection
  • Merge and combine PDF files
  • Embed any file format in PDF
  • PDF forms
  • Match content automatically

PDF Forms 

Apply form fields to your PDFs in a very easy and simple way. You can select between various form field types like Text, checkboxes, drop-down etc.

Sending PDFs with fillable form fields can in many situations be a more practical way to collect and standardize data.

PDF forms are ideal for documents like contracts, confirmations, Tax forms, Vendor Registration, Events, Returns, and many other things. 

Extract Data
The data registered in the form is saved in a standard way allowing you to easily extract the data.
Click here to see an example

PDF Forms

Encryption & Password protection of PDF files


Encrypting and password protecting PDF files is a functionality used in many industries to prevent unauthorized people from reading sensitive documents.

We use a standard PDF Encryption 1.4 (Version 2, Revision 3) with a 128 bit RC4 encryption and MD5 Hash Algorithm to secure the content.

Password protection is managed with a Master and a User password.

Secure, encrypt and password protect PDF files from windows, linux, aix

Digital Signature & Electronic Invoicing


Digital signatures are replacing physical signatures in many countries. Countries like Germany, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Italy and others all have their own regulation standards for qualified digital signatures.

Ensure your PDF files are legally enforceable by applying software certificates like PKCS#12 (.pfx) w/ x.509 certificate to your PDF files. For these solutions, both specific hardware and software may be required.

Contact us to learn more about how we help customers with electronic invoicing and digital signatures.

Embed files into your PDF


Implement the embedding feature and improve the way you communicate with suppliers and customers. With AdvancedPDF, we make it possible to embed files into a PDF file from any platform. Use the master PDF as a container for content referenced elsewhere and send only a single attachment that includes all of the information a recipient needs. See some examples below.

With the AdvancedPDF module you can automatically match and include content, eliminating time-consuming processes like manually searching for matches, allowing faster customer service responses. 

Merge & combine PDF files


The time where you have to send multiple PDF files by email files is over. Use AdvancedPDF to merge any PDF files into just one superior structured PDF.

For example, you can merge any document with your standard invoices, order confirmations, account statements etc. You can also structure the merged document as you wish, with a bookmark list, as a complete overview for the receiver.
You can also, for example, automatically send your customers a Reminder Notification, which can be merged together with copies of unpaid invoices or any other relevant documents.


Send reminders with one click

AdvancedPDF creates the reminder and automatically merges copies of any unpaid invoice(s) into the reminder document

Download Example
Create a reminder and automatically merges copies of any unpaid invoice(s) into the reminder document

Send Certificates and CAD drawings

See how easy it is to embed elements like certificates & CAD drawings automatically in PDFs.

Download Example
embed elements like certificates and CAD drawings automatically in PDFs

Stop Wasting Time

You never have to waste time on locating, sending, and resending documents again.

Download Example

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