Product: InterForm400 Output Management for IBM i | AS/400 | iSeries

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Product: InterForm400 Output Management for IBM i | AS/400 | iSeries


InterForm400 Output Management IBM i, AS400, iSeries

InterForm400 is an intelligent forms & output management software solution for AS400, IBM i and iSeries (design & distribute spool files)

InterForm400 is an Intelligent Output Management solution that gives you total freedom to design, handle, and distribute your documents. InterForm400 handles the entire document workflow of your IBM i without the need to reprogram any of your applications, and it automatically selects e-forms based on print data or spool attributes. InterForm400 accommodates many types of distribution.

InterForm400 has been in continuous development since 1987, growing and improving based on customer requirements and feedback. The result is a functional, intuitive, flexible, and stable product, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Streamlining your document output with InterForm400 will increase your competitiveness and your efficiency. Reduce transaction costs with InterForm400 by converting normal paper-based routines into electronic processes.

Using InterForm400 across all of your applications can increase your ROI, add improved functionalities, and streamline your document output.

InterForm400 in Details


InterForm400 is a native IBM i software that enable you to create formats including SCS spool files, AFPDS, IPDS, PCL, Prescribe, PDF, Text into Print, Labels, Checks, PDF, XML, and HTML.

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Design Options

Create any design with the Drag n Drop and WYSIWYG graphical designer. Work with barcodes, rotation, images, fonts, suboverlays, conditions, variables, and much more.

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Unicode & Barcodes

InterForm400 comes with full Unicode supporting Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Cyrilic, Korean and many more languages. Create output using a wide variety of linear, RFID and 2D barcodes.

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PDF & Emailing

Create genuine PDF and PDF/A documents and send advanced emails directly from the IBM i. Create PDF files with dynamic images, metadata, links and much more. Emailing is done with InterForm's own advanced SMTP server.

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Create barcodes, labels, business documents and checks natively on the IBM i with InterForm400. InterForm400 enable you to do a wide variety of outputs, helping you to meet industry-specific requirements.

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Split, sort, group and schedule output according to conditions. Using AutoFormsControl you can combine distribution channels and create automated output workflows. Print, email, and archive in one simple process.

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InterForm400 Features

  • Native IBM i - stabile, flexible, & user-friendly solution
  • Graphical Designer - Drag ´n Drop & WYSIWYG
  • Laser, Label print, PDF, PDF/A, Email, HTML, XML and more
  • No need to reprogram existing applications
  • Connect as many printers as you like
  • Streamlines output appearance
  • Full DBCS / Unicode support
  • Work with barcodes, images, frames, boxes and more

Customer Statement

pefect fit

We have used Artform/400 for over 10 years. We are extremely happy with features both old and new. After implementing, we were able to eliminate nearly ALL of our Pre-printed forms along with 1 staff position. Quite frankly, we would be lost without this package. Bob Spence, Systems/Analyst, Perfect Fit Industries


We chose InterForm400 at the time because it was simply the best product on the market and they had local support. We have at the beginning this year (2011) initiated a process of sending our documents electronically instead of hard copy – so far we have accomplished to do this with 25 % of our output and by end of Q2 more than 60 % of all output will be distributed electronically via InterForm400 saving us a significant amount of money Henrik Hansen, IT Manager DHL Business IT Read case study


The new solution is preferred by all. InterForm400 is used 24 hours a day for labels and shop floor documentation; we will be implanting other forms very shortly. One advantage I have seen is that I no longer receive calls from the shop floor about printers not working, with InterForm400 everything just works. Everyone has commented on how much quicker printing is now the whole solution feels much more robust. Overall we are delighted with the product Robin Pugh, Technical Manager of RENOLIT Cramlington Limited (Cova Products) Read case study


The products are excellent and so is the service. The beauty of InterForm400 is that it is independent of our ERP so we can upgrade without any complications. I recommend InterForm to any company, especially those in the banking sector. What we have been able to do with InterForm400 and Advanced PDF is fantastic Mr. Mustafa Srour, Deputy General Manager Read case study


InterForm is a software that is part of our daily work. We have not found another solution as adherent as InterForm. With the integration of many tools we can unify our management and save costs. George Milleo, IT Coordinator

This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, AS400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i. Marketed as ArtForm400 in North America.

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