InterForm is for many APplus customers their preferred output management solution.

InterForm is a tool that is 100 % dedicated and specialized within Output Management. All the situations related to creating and distributing company output across all our applications not only APplus you can do with InterForm. All the things your ERP cannot do or the things only an ERP consultant you can do with InterForm. With InterForm

Asseco customers turn to InterForm when:

  • Output requirements supersede just the normal ERP output
    • Labels, RFID, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD
  • Tired of paying expensive consultants for even the smallest changes
  • Upgrading the ERP
  • Migrating from old ERP to APplus

With an easy to use no programming tool InterForm is adding output capabilities to Asseco customers.

Intelligent Output Management

The right tool for APplus customers

Works with APplus 5-7.1

and any other application

Intelligent onboarding

Get your current output in to InterForm in no time

Make your own designs

User friendly editor - Drag n Drop and WYSIWYG

500+ ready to use templates

APplus standard and industry templates (automotive)

Cloud ready are you?

Install on-premise or in the Cloud

Experience from +4.000 installations

Thousands of customers in all industries

Optimize processes

InterForm product details

With InterForm you get a software which only purpose is to enable you to create any kind of output you need for running your business.

We constantly work on providing you with new output capabilities while you focus on running your business.

  • Output is created up to 6 times quicker
  • Your designs are ERP independent and work with any version
  • RFID, Barcodes, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, Business documents, Labels and much more
  • Manage all your output without an ERP consultant
  • Validate your output so you make sure it is always correct
Documents & Design for APplus

Handle all your output with InterForm

See some of the outputs that APplus customers are using InterForm for. Use our form packages or create your own designs.

Easy designing - no programming

Intelligent Output Management for APplus

See how easy it is to design your output WYSIWYG and Drag n Drop makes designing easy.