Decades of joint evolution as infor solution partner

Decades of joint evolution as Infor solution partner

Since 1999, InterForm has been a solution partner with Infor, delivering output management solutions to more than 500 Infor customers. We understand how important it is that suppliers and trading partners have access to a tool such as ours.

Whether you have an automotive vs. non-automotive solution or an iSeries vs. Windows-based solution, we can handle your output. Customers can migrate from one Infor application to another and continue to use InterForm to manage output. This is because InterFormNG has been developed in direct collaboration with Infor to handle future and existing ERP output and to offer enriched output capabilities to Infor customers.

InterForm is a flexible solution that can be used simultaneously across multiple ERP systems and makes it easy to change between different ERP systems without losing your form definitions.

InterForm adds value to your Infor solution in many ways:

  • Enriched ERP functionality
  • Improved efficiency
  • Printing, barcode support, PDFs, email
  • Eliminates paper-based processes, manual labor, etc.
  • Enables trading partners’ documents and labels to be used across several applications
  • Ready-to-use form packages

 Strong relationship

  • 25+ Infor consultants certified annually
  • 2 monthly development meetings
  • Annual roadmap sharing
  • Industry-specific form packages
  • Infor sales training
  • Inforum activities
  • Usergroup activities

Great fit for Infor applications

InterForm has extensive experience with managing output for Infor ERPs across several industries. InterForm is for several Infor ERPs the official output partner and for others we deliver our services as a trusted third-party solution.

InterForm products are used together with the following ERPs:

Other applications:

  • ION
  • IDM