Founder Per Kristensen has sold the majority share of InterForm A/S to CEO Peter Sørensen.
At the age of 76, Per Kristensen has chosen to sell the company he founded just over 30 years
ago; “I’ve been lucky to be able to make a living from my hobby! InterForm has given me so much
and therefore I want to ensure that the company continues to be successful in the future.”

The sale does not affect daily activities as Per Kristensen continues with the company as a system
developer, shareholder and chairman of the board of InterForm A/S.

“This agreement has been met with great satisfaction as it not only ensures the company moving
forward, but it does it in such a way to ensure that the values and high standards we have always
set are being continued”, says Per Kristensen

For customers and partners, the trade will not affect existing relationships as the current
organization will work as before. InterForm A/S will continue to focus on remaining relevant and
attractive to customers, partners and employees.

The new owner, Peter Sørensen, is 36 years old and has been employed by InterForm A/S since
2008, the last six years of which has been the CEO and member of the board.

“I see it as a major responsibility and a great honor to drive InterForm A/S further. We want to
ensure continuity and stability. It is very crucial to our customers and the reason they have chosen
us. These two things are core elements of our products and knowing that I have become the new
owner just confirms that these elements are important to us all “, says Peter Sørensen

InterForm A/S has enjoyed impressive expansion over the past six years in terms of new product
launches and increased license sales making a positive impact on the evolution of the company.
This new agreement aims to ensure continued similar development to the benefit of customers
and partners.

Kind regards,
Peter Sørensen
InterForm A/S


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