Convert SCS spooled files to xls/.xlsx

InterExcel400 converts IBM i data into formatted Excel spreadsheets allowing you to create reports with charts, calculations, and images directly on the IBM i.

InterExcel400 for IBM i is an easy-to-use application that can convert an IBM i report into an MS Excel format (XLS, XLSX) and send it to your desktop, IFS, or auto-email. InterExcel enables you to create professional-looking reports and charts that you can share with others.

InterForm’s sales force uses the InterExcel400 module to receive daily, personalized pivot reports via email.

InterExcel400 Features

  • Formatting templates for individual spool files from the IBM i
  • User-friendly handling via WRKOUTQ commands
  • Automatic conversion via Program Calls
  • Conversion to .txt and .rtf format
  • Full DBCS/Unicode support
  • Integration with InterForm

Formatting templates for individual spool file conversion

InterExcel400 enables you to create templates that can be used to convert specific AS400 spool files into formatted Excel files. These templates include settings for how and where data should be placed in the Excel spreadsheet, including font and border definitions. These settings also enable the removal of blank lines and multiple headers on every page for easy use in MS Excel.

User-friendly handling via a command, similar to WRKOUTQ

InterExcel enables the easy selection of the specific AS/400 spool files to be converted via a command, similar to WRKOUTQ. From this easy menu structure, the user can select which target format should be used for the AS/400 spool conversion.

Automatic conversion via Program Calls

InterExcel400 features the ability to call the InterExcel400 conversion program from its own menu structures or programs for batch conversion. InterExcel400 enables dynamic naming for the saved InterExcel400 files, giving you the freedom to process batch conversions of IBM i reports.

Using Excel’s “Import Text Wizard”

InterExcel400 allows you to open Excel with a text file, where you can use the MS Excel “Import Text Wizard.” This grants you total independence over which spool file to process.

Conversion to .txt and .rtf format

InterExcel400 enables spool conversion to the .txt format, allowing calls to the associated PC programs such as Notepad, Works, or Word. When converting to .rtf format, MS Word will be called and the corresponding page breaks are respected, as opposed to using .txt files.

Integration with InterForm

InterExcel400 enables InterForm users to increase the number of output formats available to them for document distribution. InterForm’s email distribution feature facilitates the easy distribution of Excel reports via email.

This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, AS400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i.