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Convert .txt or .csv files into XML

InterFormNG supports XML as a native input format. However, knowing that not all applications are able to create XML outputs, the TxtToXML module was developed. TxtToXML acts as a preprocessor to InterForm which converts .txt. or .csv files into XML.

TxtToXML is fully integrated with the Workflow Manager. By converting .txt or .csv files you are able to define separation regex, file encoding, trim whitespaces, name token tags, and much more.

The TxtToXML module is instantly active when updating to a new license key that includes this module. No download or additional installation is required.

TxtToXML Features

  • InterForm Preprocessor
  • Convert .txt and .csv to XML
  • Define encoding
  • Full DBCS/Unicode support
  • Included in the workflow
  • File nameing
  • Token tags
  • Before and after history