The pandemic has changed how we work and IT is a big part of facilitating and supporting this new way of working. If you have been used to working with paper as well as signature processes, then currently it can be very difficult to at all complete the procedure if you are not able to face your customers or colleagues. Ignoring the signature process is most likely not the way to go. So what can you do?

With InterForm you can completely replace the cumbersome process of printing the document, signing it, scan/email, or snail mail the signed copy. But it gets better because you no longer have to have the signee on your premises as everything can be handled electronically.

Scenarios you can solve with InterForm

The signee is a colleague or a visitor who needs to sign a document.
The signee is handed a mobile device, given access to a browser, or is emailed the document for signing.
The signee access the document -> signs the document electronically -> Signee receives a soft or hard copy, while the document is archived electrically leaving no paper trail.

Signee is remote
The signee receives an email with a link to the document -> Signee signs the document electronically -> Signee receives a copy and a copy is archived electronically again without leaving a paper trail.

Instant benefits

  • COVID-19 friendly reduce physical contact
  • Signed documents are instantly available online
  • Sign documents in a browser – no device dependencies
  • Save costs for printing, postage, and handling

Reach out to our team of experts and let us help you get rid of your paper-based signing rituals.


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