The Tesla QR barcode challenge

Overcome Tesla and Amazon output challenges with InterForm

If you are a Tesla supplier you may find it very difficult to accommodate their QR barcode requirements.
The main issue is, that you are told to deliver a QR barcode in a fixed, large size. Label printers (e.g. Zebra and Intermec) have a limitation of the size of the modules (The modules are the dots that are the building blocks of the QR barcode). In this case, Tesla requires a module size, that is much larger than what is supported by normal label printers.

This leaves many customers frustrated as deliveries are penalized resulting in a negative ranking. We don’t want that so what to do?

Well, we have good news. At InterForm we have already solved the problem for you. With the latest version, any customer will be able to print QR barcodes complying with Tesla guidelines. Download and try for it here.

If you are not a customer today contact us to learn more. Or download a free trial here.

Check out our automotive solution which contains hundreds of barcode and shipping templates.

Tesla requirements are resolved for IBM I, AS400, iSeries, Linux, Windows, and more… We are platform-independent.

The Amazon DBCS/Unicode challenge

Since Amazon has begun to require Chinese, Japanese and Korean texts on certain labels a lot of customers suddenly have a problem.
Several products in the market are not able to manage DBCS or Unicode. This is a problem that will not disappear by itself it will only grow bigger.

InterForm customers would know that we have had this support for decades helping customers all over the world.

Contact us if you want to know more about how we manage DBCS & Unicode.


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