The right tool does the job

Why separating your output from your ERP makes a lot of sense

Craftsmen with the right tools perform a better job. This also applies to IT professionals.

Building houses, cars, or creating clothes are not much different from IT solutions. It all starts with a project, resource-planning, timeline, and set of competencies required to solve the project.

In today’s high-demand market, everyone is fighting for the same finite resources and companies are trying to gain an edge everywhere possible.

One way of doing that is to make sure that you have the right tools and technology available.

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At Logicmate, we help our clients get the best output possible. It doesn’t matter what format they need, InterForm will handle it. It’s robust, secure, and fast – clients can rest assured that once it’s been set up, InterForm handles the rest without fuss. – Tracy Eastwood – Logicmate Limited

So much better with the right tool

Whether you have external consultants assisting you, or in-house staff you will get a better result if you provide them the right tool.

We have designed a tool that makes professionals perform at the top level every time, not wasting time and money on trivial things adding no value.

Whether you are an internal or external consultant, you will work in the same structured way without any programming or custom coding required.

Reliability is key to output management and the less customer-coding, the higher the reliability.

Why this focus

Well, we develop standard products. We live for developing and maintaining software that customers are happy to use.

We are not selling products that you need to be a programmer in order to use. That is not our business model!

We do however have a professional service team offering training, support, and consultancy but our goal is that our customers become as self-dependent as they want to be.

If you implement InterForm you will have these benefits:

  • Better solutions – quicker and at lower costs
  • Fix changes right away – no need to wait for consultants being available
  • External consultants can perform better
  • Advanced capabilities without any programming
  • No individual consultant dependency
  • ROI in as quick as 2 months (project-specific)


Hey there, thank you for reading my posts. I write about output management. In fact, I have done it for 15 years and I love it. With that said, I like to share what I learn. Through the years I have had many roles - presales, sales, marketing, and today I am now CEO and owner of InterForm with the same learning mentality. I am very interested in topics involving new trends, what is going on out there, and how we can help customers solve challenges. My true passion is helping and inspiring customers. I like to be inspired by others so please reach out to me if you have something to share. Peter