Your ERPs best friend

ERPs come in different shapes fitted to manage industry, market, and country-specific tasks. Central for all ERPs though is that they are developed to be used on a screen! All focus is on improving the ERP screen functionality and user experience.

Supplement your ERP with InterForm and get benefits like:

  • Freedom to design and change documents and reports yourself!
  • Increased output design and options
  • Full Unicode, Barcode, Image support
  • Less ERP modifications
  • Upgrade your ERP without having to change your forms
  • InterForm will work with multiple ERPs or other of your applications
  • No programming required
  • A dedicated partner for Output management

Our products work independently from your ERP, and you have a transparent setup where you decide which reports or jobs should be managed by InterForm. Commercial or external reports may be InterForm candidates whereas internal reports or statistics are just as well managed in the ERP, this is completely up to you. InterForm will run in parallel with your existing setup allowing you to manage the rollout in the way that fits you best.

Contact us to learn more about how InterForm can benefit your business.

With the standard Output Manager for Movex, it is very difficult to generate both uniform and nice looking output. However, after we implemented InterForm, I now know that our customers only receive documents and emails of the highest quality – and we can even customize the output ourselves.

IT Manager Anders Grønbech, Logitrans.


Hey there, thank you for reading my posts. I write about output management. In fact, I have done it for 15 years and I love it. With that said, I like to share what I learn. Through the years I have had many roles - presales, sales, marketing, and today I am now CEO and owner of InterForm with the same learning mentality. I am very interested in topics involving new trends, what is going on out there, and how we can help customers solve challenges. My true passion is helping and inspiring customers. I like to be inspired by others so please reach out to me if you have something to share. Peter