Email in draft mode and previewing

Sending personalized emails is something that we have enabled our customers to do for many years. The whole idea of making a system-generated email looking identical to what a user would send from e.g. Outlook is great and has already proven its value.

The more personalized our communication can be the better it will serve its purpose. Remember every time we engage with a customer or supplier is also an opportunity to deliver a message. Compared to a newsletter email, then we know that order confirmations, proposals, invoices are documents/emails that read because someone requested them. Therefore it is a golden opportunity to strengthen the relationship with customers and if you are not thinking like this you have unexploited potential.

The second piece of advice is never to use a It is just wrong for several reasons. But perhaps I will write another post on that topic another day.

This time however I want to address the fact that regardless of how good we are composing the right email by using variables and conditions to make it look slick. There is always that user that wants to include additional content to one of your system-generated emails. It may be a comment, track & trace number, additional attachment, add recipient you name it. So how do you approach that?

Well, we have solved that problem for you guys. And you even get a preview option handed to you at the same time. Now, with the InterForm you can provide your users with an email that automatically opens up in their standard email client in draft mode. Basically, the email is fully prepared as you would want it including text, recipients, attachments, etc. But now the user is able to add any changes as well as a preview/confirm that the content is correct before it is finally sent. How about that?

As a system admin, you also get another positive side-effect. When it comes to email bounce or the recipient is out of office the sender/user is directly notified and can take appropriate action.
This is intelligent output management.

If you are already previewing with InterForm today then adding the above is a very small thing and best of all a standard feature of the product.
If you are still printing whenever you need to preview, then you REALLY should get in touch because previewing, in general, would save you a lot of time and money. I would even say that there is an employee of the month potential in this feature.


Hey there, thank you for reading my posts. I write about output management. In fact, I have done it for 15 years and I love it. With that said, I like to share what I learn. Through the years I have had many roles - presales, sales, marketing, and today I am now CEO and owner of InterForm with the same learning mentality. I am very interested in topics involving new trends, what is going on out there, and how we can help customers solve challenges. My true passion is helping and inspiring customers. I like to be inspired by others so please reach out to me if you have something to share. Peter