New invoicing requirements in Portugal – InterForm has the solution.

With InterForm you are able to create a QR barcode for your invoices and other tax-relevant documents so you are ready when the new regulations kick in from January 2021.

Originally the Law-Decree 28/2019 introduced new requirements for the invoicing process. From January 2021 it is mandatory to include a QR barcode on invoices and other tax-relevant documents.

With the ordinance, 195/2020 companies issuing invoices under Portuguese law must include a unique identification number called ATCUD on their documents. The ATCUD consists of a minimum 8 character validation code (based on invoice number series) issued by the Portuguese tax authorities and a sequential number. Effectively a data string where the two values are combined. This has been postponed to the 1st of January 2022.

So in order to comply with the new regulations, you need to reach out to the tax authority and the rest you can do with InterForm.


Changes to your layout

All of this means that you have to change your current invoicing process and the current layout of the physical invoice.

First of all, you must present the ATCUD data in a readable format immediately before the QR barcode as well as on every page of each invoice.

Additionally, the QR barcode must be presented as part of the invoice and other tax-relevant documents body and must appear on the first or the last page of each invoice.

This is very easily done with InterForm and our graphical designer without any changes to your ERP or any programming required.

At InterForm we are able to help you no matter what system or platform (Windows, Linux, IBM i) you are running.

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AS400/AS/400/IBM i

We have already helped a lot of our many IBM I customers running various ERP systems. Based on your existing spool file output we/you need to include the ATCUD data in the spool file in order to create a compliant document. If you cannot add the data in your native print program, then it is nice to know that it can be done in a simple way using InterForm.

InterForm is a platform-independent solution designed to help businesses create intelligent output from any system and platform On-Premise or in the cloud.


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