New advanced PDF features

– Several new PDF features available

Merge & combine PDF files

The time where you have to send multiple PDF files by email files is over.

Use AdvancedPDF to merge any PDF files into just one superior structured PDF.
For example, you can merge any document with your standard invoices,
order confirmations, account statements etc.
You can also structure the merged document as you wish, with a bookmark list,
as a complete overview for the receiver.

You can also, for example, automatically send your customers a Reminder Notification, which
can be merged together with copies of unpaid invoices or any other relevant documents.

More features with Advanced PDF

With AdvancedPDF there are countless numbers of new possibilities, allowing you
to automate business processes as well as improve your electronic business

Additional features:

  • Embed any file format in PDF
  • Use certificate and digital signature
  • Encryption and password protection
  • Match content automatically
  • Automate manual processes
  • And much more

The InterForm module will save you time on administration to provide smarter communication and
add value to your customer service

Learn more about our advanced PDF capabilities

If you want to know how Advanced PDF can benefit your business, contact InterForm here


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