Output Management is what gets us out of bed in the morning and we give it 100% dedication.

We have been around for more than 35 years, dating back to 1987. Since the first customer (who is still a customer, by the way), we have managed to raise the bar in Output Management.

The fundamental component of our business is our dedication to Output Management. This is our singular focus. Hence, customers are assured of our full dedication to their solution.

We are output experts and we strive daily to make output management better, smarter, and effectively more intelligent so it can support your BUSINESS. We aim to be the preferred output tool that knows and facilitates processes that you need to run your business.

When you invest in InterForm, you don’t just invest in a product for your current setup. You invest in a tool that is designed to help your organization regardless of the platform, ERP or applications. All the effort put into your output using InterForm can easily be migrated if/when you change ERPs or go to the cloud.

Yes, we know various platforms like AS400/IBM i, Windows and Linux and we can guide you when you’re choosing the perfect ERP. However, what we know most about is Output Management and how it can help your business reach its full potential.

Output Management is a background process and we live with the pressure of when it works well it doesn’t often come to mind, but when it does not it becomes business-critical.” In such a situation, you want a partner that is 100% dedicated to output management and understands exactly how important this process is for you.

This is reflected in everything we do from customer support to product development. And it allows you to focus on running your business, while we take care of the output.



Installations since 1987 and counting!

More than a billion outputs every year!

+15 years

Average customer


We are output experts!

Our employees are Output experts because this is the only thing we do.

Our developers prioritize paying attention to detail. They are all specialists in different concepts such as how a barcode is built, how to handle UNICODE in multiple output types, validation of data, how to print RFID on a label printer and much more.

We also have our professional services team. They are the ones you will work with when you have product questions, attend training or want us to create a new design or set up a new workflow for you. They also pick up, translate and qualify new product development requests from customers, partners or the market, and together with the development team, they make sure new features are added before you need them.

Finally, we have our customer relationship team. They are the link between our business and our customers. We don’t want to be just a supplier. We want to be the output partner you can always count on. The customer relationship team is the team you meet when you reach out to us for the first time. They are trained to be able to convert your requirements into solutions based on our product capabilities. Expect to be inspired when you get involved with our customer relationship team.