Intelligent Output Management allows you to create, distribute, and archive documents to any destination of choice.

The cycle of a document is creation, distribution, and finally archiving for later retrieval. Some organizations archive documents in applications designed for handling physical and electronic documents while others simply archive documents in a folder. In fact, there are many ways to archive, and at InterForm we support various ways and have integrations for many applications and document management solutions.


In the space of archiving, we offer a full range of integrations to solutions like:

  • Next
  • SharePoint
  • GitHub
  • IDM – Infor Document Management
  • Windows share (IBM i / AS400)
  • IFS (IBM i / AS400)
  • and many more….

Our integrations support “read and write”. This means that InterForm is able to read or use resources from an archive, Web site, folder, GitHub, etc as part of a workflow where a new document is created, distributed, and archived. Extremely powerful capabilities will allow you to use your data for many different things.

Prepare for archiving Features

  • Dynamic File naming
  • Create index files in txt, XML, or many other ways
  • Several ways to communicate with an archive or DMS
  • Read and write capabilities

Document Management Solution

InterForm Intelligent Output Management offers a complete solution for managing all of your business documents in an easy, efficient, and user-friendly way.

Managing documents is a core function of any business or organization. While InterForm manages the creation and distribution of documents, NEXT is a state-of-the-art document management (archiving) solution powered by our partner Nextway.

Today, it’s more essential than ever to have an efficient electronic archiving solution. Instant access to the right content not only increases efficiency but also increases employee and customer satisfaction.

NEXT manages In- and Out-bound Content

NEXT captures content from all types of sources including scanned documents, emails, faxes, or other files, and stores them in the secure NEXT repository. Likewise, all outbound documents made by InterForm are automatically stored and indexed for later retrieval.

NEXT gives users real-time access to documents, images, reports, and data from any web browser.

Extended functionality

Workflow – Create any workflow to manage approvals, contracts, tasks, and more.

  • Supplier invoice approval – Make the supplier invoice receivable, approval, order-matchable, and payable. 100% automated.
  • MS office integration – Integrates directly with standard applications like Word, Excel, etc.
  • Scanning – Manual, batch, and bulk scanning with or without OCR.
  • Several ERP and finance integrations
  • Many more extensions

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