RFID for Daimler

Official RFID solution partner for Daimler.

Official RFID solution partner for Daimler

InterForm is officially recommended by Daimler and is part of their guidelines for supplying to Factory 56 and Jawor.

Existing InterForm installations can be easily extended with an additional module to have the functionality to write and print the RFID labels.

The InterRFID module also contains all the required templates:
VDA 4902 in both sizes: A5 and KLT, including RFID referring to VDA 4994
Layout according to VDA 4902 on “front side” and RFID chip according to VDA 4994 on “rear side” matching with VDA4987.


For the solution, you also need hardware. If you don’t already have the required hardware, below is a list of our recommendations:

  • 6” RFID Printer Model ZT42162 (enough for testing)
  • 4” RFID Printer Model ZT41042-T0E00C0Z
  • Labels from Confidex
  • A5 210 x 150 (208 x 148)
  • KLT 210 x 80 (208 x 74)
  • RFID Scanner Model TC20/RFD2000

Please note that InterForm does not sell hardware. We will however introduce you to Zebra technologies directly or one of their partners.

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