Being an InterForm customer

What you get as an InterForm customer

  • Up-to-date and maintained product
    Since 1987, we have released minimum annual releases of our InterForm product line. This ensures an up-to-date product.
  • In-house development
    Our products are developed in-house, giving us the ability to act to any matter immediately when needed.
  • Development influence
    InterForm customers can actively influence our development roadmap. Our development is inspired by our daily support and customer feedback. We conduct surveys every two years, and on average, we deliver 80-85 % of customer enquiries.
  • Only Output Management
    We are 100% committed to delivering Intelligent Output Management. Our laser focus shows that we are dedicated to investing in, and improving Output Management.
  • Expertise
    With thousands of customers and 30+ years in business, our experts can support you with daily tasks or help you plan your overall Output Management strategy.
  • Consultancy
    We know our products extremely well and we are therefore happy working on a fixed price basis or on time and material, based on a quotation.
  • Support
    We deliver support in English, German, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Other languages are managed by our large network of partners.
  • Account manager
    As a customer with InterForm, you will get your own account manager, who will be the main point of contact for you.