35+ years of IBM i experience. 4.000 installations. We can help you!

IBM i is where we grew up. The name has changed many times, but we have been on this wonderful platform all the way since we wrote the first code snippet in 1987. We are used to writing all our code ourselves and believe in avoiding shortcuts. The result of this hard work is that we have a high performing and reliable output management software solution; InterForm that has helped customers for more than 35 years. In fact, our first customer, a global car manufacturer, is still a customer today!

Today, we don’t show much green screen as the application comes with a browser interface giving you a state-of-the-art and secure user experience. This means that you don’t have to install any Windows clients for users to connect to the IBM i as they will merely use their browers.

InterForm can run on multiple platforms. But, of course, it runs natively on IBM i – so you don’t have to worry about an extra platform to run part of the application.

You can, of course, still work with familiar things like:

  • Handling of SCS, AFPDS, JSON & XML
  • Work with Commands, Exit & CL programs
  • Monitoring of (Data queue and) output queues and IFS folders
  • Full Code page support – including DBCS and Unicode
  • Convert SCS to .xls/.xlsx
  • Windows Share

Typical challenges for companies running on IBM i

Below you can read about how our solution is helping IBM i customers with their typical challenges.

Difficult to find resources

We have designed a product that utilizes the power of the IBM i but does not require any specific platform skills to operate.

The product has several features that take into account that many customers may be on the platform but they don’t necessarily have in-house IBM i competencies.

On top of that InterForm has a full team of platform- and product experts ready to help you.

Not only running on IBM i

Many companies running on IBM i are today part of a multi-platform infrastructure resulting in multiple products to handle output on various platforms. With InterForm, you can have just one product handling ALL your output. Why not handle all your output from the IBM i? You may run it on IBM i or one of the other platforms; this is completely up to you. InterForm can process multiple data formats at the same time.

Many customers currently utilize a Linux partition on the Power system form where InterForm can handle your IBM i Spool files.

Consider leaving the platform

Don’t worry InterForm is platform-independent so in the unfortunate event you have to leave the platform you can keep all your designs, workflows and even the interface remains the same.
We know that your IT strategy may change over time, so with InterForm, you have a tool that is designed to help you regardless of your infrastructure.

Did you know?

When running on a power system from IBM that InterForm allows you to run the software on the Linux partition and still process your IBM i Spool files.

That is how flexible we are.

Challenging floating spool files

Perhaps you have one or more spool files that are really challenging Spool files. The position of the data gives you a lot of problems. Don’t worry we have a solution for that. In fact, we have been helping customers for the past 10 years overcome this challenge.
Your print programs remain the same but InterForm comes with a feature that will convert your positions into recognizable tags so you always will be certain that your output is right.

You may read more about how we do exactly this for our many Infor XA customers right here

AFP Utility challenges…

You are still running AFP and expect to have a huge task getting out of the pain IBM put you in?
The good news is that the task may not be as overwhelming as you think. Going with InterForm, you can actually continue as you do today. Your print programs remain the same and if you like you can either keep your current designs or get a quick refresh of your look and feel. InterForm comes with a graphical designer where you can have your output in any way you like.

You can read more about what we do for customers using AFP right here

Work with QNTC is a pain

Many customers need to archive or deliver data to e.g. a Windows box. For many, the way to do this has been via QNTC. That, however, is difficult and unreliable. For that reason, we have developed a component that allows InterForm to share data from the IBM i to a Windows share in a slick and stable way.

Demo Video

Intelligent Output Management

Watch this two-minute video and get a feeling for how InterForm can help you.

InterForm and the IBM i fun facts

  • Our first AS400 was a C04. At the time the fastest machine in the country – it once got a speeding ticket
  • in 1989, a matrix printer was 4 times more expensive than a laser printer. A HPIIP PCL printer was only € 3.000!
  • Support for Zebra Label printers was introduced in 1993
  • We printed the first QR barcode back in 1995
  • 1999 OEM partnership with Brain (now Infor) for several IBM i product lines
  • Our youngest IBM i team member is 24 years old

This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i.