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InterForm is a leading provider of output management software and services, helping thousands of customers in all industries in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our goal is to deliver the best-in-class services while supporting customers in their own languages and time zones. Together with our channel partners, we have a local presence in more than 50 countries. All of our partners are certified and trained annually to provide top-notch service.

A significant and growing component of our success is our Resellers campaign. InterForm resellers are both Value Added Resellers (VAR) and ERP-houses (OEM).

InterForm will provide you with the tools, resources, and financial incentives for a successful partnership.

What to Expect:

Training for Channel Partners and Resellers

InterForm offers a training program designed specifically for channel partners and resellers. The training program equips salespeople with a basic understanding of the solution, market and how to qualify customers. Technical staff are trained in how to work with InterForm products as well as deeper knowledge of the platform.

Become an InterForm Business Partner or Reseller

To start the process of becoming an InterForm partner, send us an email: Contact InterForm