Platform Independent

Platform-independent (Windows, Linux, IBM i etc )

Our software is platform-independent and you can install it on your preferred platform. Install on Windows today move to Linux tomorrow – we leave it up to you – the software is ready.

With one software you can now handle your whole company infrastructure managing output from several platforms at the same time e.g. Windows, Linux, IBM i.

Platform-independency with InterForm means that you can handle all your company output from just one output management software.

InterForm is designed to handle and process multiple platform-specific data types like JSON, XML, text or IBM i spool files at the same time.


The application will look and work the same way despite you chose to migrate to a new platform on-premise or in the cloud.

When you centralize your output management to one product you need a software that is designed to handle and operate as a central output hub for your company. At InterForm we have built-in several features to accommodate such use.

InterForm benefits

  • Freedom to chose platform
  • The user interface remains the same regardless of the platform
  • Multiple ways to send data to InterForm
  • Supports many output types
  • Remote monitoring of jobs and processes
  • Validate data to make output right