What is InterForm Automotive Solution?

InterForm Automotive Solution is a robust output management solution specifically designed for the automotive industry. Our 30+ years in the industry have shown that although ERPs can change, industries rarely do for our clients. Therefore, the solution is packaged with all the tools you need to operate in the industry. It is designed to work with any ERP or even with multiple ERPs at the same time.

Solution benefits:

500+ compliant and ready to use labels & shipping documents
XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.1 and other XML formats
We maintain all your templates!
ERP independent
RFID support (Daimler and more)
Multi language & Unicode/DBCS support
Native printing – high performance and top quality
Includes long list of 1D and 2D barcodes

What templates are supported?

We support the standard labels and shipping documents, as well as many trading partner variants.

  • Standard templates: VDA, Odette & AIAG
  • Trading partner variants: OEM, Tier1/2/3 suppliers
  • Logistic documents: Invoice, Packing slip, Waybill, Labels, Statement, reminder many more

View full List of Templates

All our templates can be printed on label printers, Laser printers, or as PDF. You determine what the better output channel is for you.

Maintained templates & new guideline guarantee

A feature unique to InterForm Automotive Solution is that all our templates are covered by maintenance. It means that you no longer have to convert guidelines on your own. As part of our solution, we provide access to hundreds of templates and we also take care of the maintenance for you. You can find templates like VDA4994, DIN4994, VDA4902, VDA4912, VDA4992, VDA4922, CMR, GTL, B10, M15, OTL14 and many many more. They come as standard and in all the trading partner variants.

Future changes to guidelines are automatically implemented by InterForm! You simply forward the new guidelines to InterForm and we take care of the rest.

At InterForm we operate with a new guideline guarantee. Our team guarantees that new guidelines are available less than 45 days from when we are informed. However, in 90% of the cases templates are available when you contact us.

Change a template or make your own

We know that you may make modifications to the standard label/document. Any change you do in our WYSIWYG Graphical Designer will be saved as a modification, so when the standard template is updated, you will not have to create the same modifications again.

All changes you do are saved and automatically documented.

See how easy it is to make changes.

Say no to penalties and improve supplier ranking

Penalties is an increasing topic that many OEMs / trading partners turn to in order to optimize the supply chain. With the InterForm Automotive solution, you get a solution that helps you deliver according to guidelines effectively reducing penalties. For many customers, they have an ROI of the overall solution from just reducing penalties. The positive side effect is you improve your supplier ranking.

ERP and version independent

The concept of InterForm Automotive Solution is that the solution is tailored to the industry, rather than a specific ERP or platform. Hence, if you change your ERP, you don’t have to change the way you handle your output. You can keep all your templates, modifications, workflows and printers intact.

This alone will save you several months of work and a lot of money!

Printing and printer support

The InterForm Automotive Solution is based on native printing principles supporting ZPLII, DP, and PCL.

Native print advantages:

  • Print any language – UNICODE/DBCS
  • No driver or device dependency
  • No need to load fonts and barcodes on printers
  • Top quality & performance

At InterForm we work very closely with several printer manufactures.

Please note that the solution also allows you to create PDF and send emails.

Label printing made easy


Make RFID with InterForm Automotive Solution like you would make any other label. With our solution, create any RFID string you want or apply an existing one.

Similar to standard labels we also include ready-to-use templates according to OEM guidelines, giving you a turnkey solution.


For Daimler we have templates (VDA 4902 +VDA4994 data) in A5 and KLT ready to accommodate the requirements for Factory 56 and Powertrain Jawor. Read more about Daimler HERE



We have been successfully using InterForm for many years and it was therefore an easy decision to also take on the Automotive Solution.

 Jan Wassermann – Director Information Technology – Wagon Automotive Nagold GmbH

InterForm customers

Designed for the Industry!

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