Fax options with InterForm

Fax options with InterForm 

For 20 years we offered traditional faxing solutions that included a fax modem, telephone lines, and the whole works. With the decline of faxing needs and the evolution of technology, our customers now implement different options highlighted below.

Email-to-fax and fax-to-email service

With InterForm, you can connect one of the many email-to-fax services to send and receive faxes electronically through your preferred email client.
This setup has the advantage in that it does not require any faxing hardware, and your users can fax in the same way they email today.
Outgoing faxes are sent as an email but delivered as fax and incoming faxes are delivered directly in your email inbox. All fax documents are electronically available no hardcopy!

Faxing via Multi-function Printer (MFP/MFD/AIO)

Another alternative is to utilize your existing Multi-function printer to handle your faxes.
InterForm enables you to fax via the PCL5 support in your Multi-function Printer. Thus, you can send out faxes if your MFP has faxing capabilities, similar to the printing process.

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