Convert various data formats to Excel / .xlsx

InterExcel converts data into formatted Excel spreadsheets allowing you to create and share professional-looking reports with charts, calculations, images, and all the features you know from Excel.

InterExcel is a module for InterForm and when combined you can utilize the full power of the InterForm platform. InterExcel is an easy-to-use application that can convert several types of data (XML, txt/CSV, JSON, SCS, AFPDS…) into an MS Excel format – XLSX and save it to a folder, IFS, Archive solution or share it via email.

InterForm’s sales force uses the InterExcel module to receive daily, personalized pivot reports via email.

InterExcel Features

  • Platform independent solution (Windows, Linux, IBM I, AS400 etc.)
  • Handles multiple data types (XML, txt/CSV, JSON, SCS, AFPDS…)
  • Distribute and share your files in several ways
  • Import your existing Excel templates
  • Dynamic Excel formulas
  • Full DBCS/Unicode support
  • Integration with InterForm

Platform independent solution

InterExcel is THE solution you need in your organization. Install the InterForm platform native on your preferred platform e.g. IBM I, AS400, Windows, Linux both On-Premise or in the Cloud. Regardless the platform you go for you still have the ability to work with many data formats across platforms.

Handles multiple data types (XML, txt/CSV, JSON, SCS, AFPDS…)

With InterExcel you can create Excel output from almost any business application. Convert data formats like XML, SCS, AFPDS, CSV/TXT, or JSON into a nice, formatted Excel report.

Distribute and share your files in several ways

When InterExcel you have created the Excel report you instantly can activate the InterForm workflow for sharing the report. You may wish to email it, archive it in SharePoint, or something 3rd. The options are many, define specific rules per report or let the users decide how the report should be distributed.

Import your existing Excel templates

Take your existing .xlsx reports and use them as templates in InterExcel. It is that easy. Once you have set up your template you start to map your source data using the InterExcel interface. You reuse the whole, parts of an old template or you can of course also build your new template from scratch.
With an Excel template, you can e.g. prepare a chart or Pivot table to graphically display variable data, that is put into the output excel file with InterExcel.

Integration with InterForm

InterExcel enables InterForm users to increase the number of input and output formats available to them for document distribution. Use Excel files as a source for a label print or convert your data to Excel and share it via any of the many InterForm output types.