Clever OfficeVision400 replacement

InterWord400 is our replacement for OfficeVision400. Merge your spool data with templates created on any PC word processor that supports Rich Text Format. InterForm400 and InterWord400 combine to create a fully automated letter and document distribution solution.

InterWord400 offers the ability to merge data from the host with document templates, created in any PC word process that supports Rich Text Format, and to create an output to the host spool system in PCL. InterWord400 can be used both on personal workstations and for high volume document production.

Use InterWord400 to create insurance policies, contracts, loan documents, ledgers, direct mailings, mail merges, quotations, terms and conditions, and much more.
InterForm has its own built-in SMTP(S) mail server that makes email distribution simple and transparent. Configuring multiple SMTP gateways is easy with InterForm.


Customer statement


We have used InterForm400 for over 10 years. We are extremely happy with features both old and new. After implementing, we were able to eliminate nearly ALL of our pre-printed forms along with 1 staff position. Quite frankly, we would be lost without this package.

Bob Spence, Systems/Analyst, Perfect Fit Industries


InterWord400 Features

  • Native IBM i tool for letter distribution
  • Unlimited use of variables
  • Includes multiple conditioned RTF files
  • Pre-viewing from an IBM i entry screen
  • Refer to InterForm400 images in the RTF file
  • Distribute your merged result as PDF, email, or print
  • Merge with any InterForm400 design
  • Mail merge RTF documents with data from DB or Queries

InterWord400 example


This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, AS400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i.