RFID Printing

Several industry formats supported

The RFID technology, as well as the IoT, is seen as one of the most exciting “tools” to improve the supply chain. By combining the visual barcodes with RFID tag labels is becoming much more intelligent and provides businesses with a whole new field of options. 

Our InterRFID module offers the ability to extend the label printing with the creation of RFID labels / RFID tags. 

This solution can build any RFID data string from your existing data and accept an existing format RFID string and process. 


  • Intuitive design tool
  • Validation before print (always right)
  • Works with any Zebra RFID printer
  • Industry variants incl. VDA5500

RFID provides a lot of new capabilities, hence reach out to us and learn how you can adopt RFID printing in a reliable and cost-effective way for your business.

RFID for the automotive industry 

Several OEMs/trading partners have or are in the process of adopting the RFID in their supply chain or production. 

We have delivered solutions to several of these, including being an official RFID solution partner for Daimler where we have helped many suppliers getting ready for delivering with RFID for Daimler. 

Our solution is designed based on RFID hardware standards as well as the VDA5500 standard.