InterForm is redefining output management for Infor M3 customers together with market leader Columbus.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the largest Infor M3 partner Columbus. With the partnership, we are now presenting a new solution that sets a completely new standard for how Output Management helps M3 customers.

It is an Output Management solution that covers the entire company’s unique needs in the market’s best and most agile solution for M3 customers. The elements are pre-integrated and both the layout and setup of the documents are pre-installed, which provides a particularly fast and efficient start-up and later operation. The solution is continuously developed together with a user group based on Best Practices. Similarly, the solution is designed to coexist with several Infor components like IDM and much more. Delivering a complete 360-degree customer solution.

The partnership is far more than bringing two partners together. The ambition is to help M3 customers with any output requirements and solve challenges by focusing on best ERP practices while reducing modifications. To keep customers at the center of everything we do we have set up an InterForm & M3 Userg group.

The power of a community! 

Customers, InterForm & Columbus are sitting together on a monthly interval discussion output strategy and ERP-related matters – creating synergies to everyone’s benefit. So far this has led to new product features, best practice standards, better integrations, and reduced modifications. All of this has already been ported into the solution so any M3 & InterForm customer will benefit from this going forward.  Care to join? Reach out to us today.

We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with the largest Infor M3 partner in the market.

It is rare that we meet such a committed and dedicated team, who really put the customers and the good solution first. It is amazing to work with people that have as much output management know-how as we have.  

Jointly we have already prepared a really strong offering for on-premises and cloud customers as well as planning the future roadmap together. “ – Peter Sørensen CEO InterForm


Meet us in Billund on the 19-20th of April

If you want to know more about the solution and partnership – you can meet us at the M3ug annual meeting in Billund Denmark. Here we will be hosting together with Columbus a session where you live will be able to see the solution and hear from a customer how this has improved their output handling.


About Columbus

Columbus wants a position as our customers’ preferred digital advisor with the goal of creating added value in our customers’ digital transformation and creating lifelong partnerships with our customers. For 30 years, Columbus has helped companies gain insight, optimize processes and develop the business on a foundation of industry insight and technical competence. Columbus has over 5,000 customers and solves 80,000 customer cases every year. Columbus is the largest partner globally on Infor M3. For more information, visit

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About InterForm

InterForm is the preferred output management solution for thousands of ERP customers across the world. We have 35+ years of 100% dedication to Output Management, which makes us the best of the breed in the field. With knowledge about creating documents from ERP systems, we empower ERPs globally and help our clients manage output on any platform, whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud.  InterForm is an Infor Solution Partner.

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