Playing Bingo is a fixed Christmas tradition at InterForm. It is a simple and fun game in which everyone can participate.

It is a perfect game to play IRL in the office but just as much fun virtually regardless of the location.

It can however be quite difficult when you are a larger group to find enough cards, likewise to share with the team, family, or friends. But don’t worry your friends at InterForm have you covered and it gets even better.

You can actually individualize your cards with family names, company logo, pictures, and names…. – only your imagination will stop you.

We have two options for you.

The simple way (available for any)
Tell us how many cards you need and we will email them to you.
See standard InterForm design.

The celebration hero way (available for InterForm customers)
Get access to the design template and customize your own layout.


it takes 15 chips per card. (Those who use candy as chips, typically don’t win that often ?)

As a host, you can find bingo apps online (not InterForm) that help you call out the numbers.

Contact us to get your bingo cards or template.

We hope you will have just as much fun as we have.

Merry Christmas & from your friends at InterForm.

Team InterForm


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