Send HTML emails, with or without attachment(s).

InterForm has its own built-in SMTP(S) mail server that makes email distribution simple and transparent. Configuring multiple SMTP gateways is easy with InterForm.

Use InterForm to create plaintext or rich HTML emails, with or without attachment(s).

With InterForm, you can use variables to customize your email’s PDF file names and distribution methods based on ERP data (XML, SCS, AFPDS, etc.). You can also dynamically create personalized e-mail content to accompany the attached PDF attachment.

Personalized emails:

Create professional-looking emails using variables and user-specific footers. This way you can allow all emails sent with InterForm to follow corporate identity guidelines as the footer of a user will be similar to your standard emailing program.

InterForm Emailing Features

  • Supports multiple SMTP(S) and SMTPS accounts
  • Bcc, Cc, and group support
  • Support for SSL/STARTTLS
  • HTML and TXT support
  • Enable the use of variables
  • Footer similar to e.g. Outlook
  • PDF file naming
  • Attach extern file(s)
  • Embedded images
  • Unicode/DBCS