Laser printing

Laser Printing is a native functionality in InterForm Output Management software

Laser printing or printing is our oldest distribution channel but also our most advanced output channel. From a time with low printer memory, our PCL protocols are optimized to be able to manage millions of printouts.

InterForm supports the majority of all brands and devices in the market through our native support of PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e and PCL5c protocols. 

Connect any supported laser printer to InterForm and experience a powerful and advanced printing engine.

Laser Printing Features

  • Color and black & white control
  • Full DBCS/Unicode
  • Tray and output bin control
  • Barcodes, images and font support
  • Stapling, punching, drilling
  • OMR marks and barcodes
  • Static and dynamic image support
  • Check printing – MICR E-13B

PJL Advanced finishing

InterForm enables the use of advanced finishing options on advanced multi-function printers by adding missing PJL strings to the data streams. You do not need to program anything.

Normal print output cannot address all of the different printers’ advanced finishing options, but that is possible with the dynamic PJL commands, that you can include with InterForm.

Advanced Features

  • Increases multi-function printer functionality
  • Adds PJL sequences to output (PCL) printer data streams
  • No need to reprogram existing applications
  • Creates user defined PJL sequences
  • Manages each device independently
  • Use variables in the dynamic PJL commands
  • Can be used for stapling, output bin selection, user ID and password, Follow me, accounting, enabling color and much more.

Here are a couple of examples of PJL commands:


Accounting information in PJL for Xerox:


Stapling on HP: