Electronic signatures

Collect Paperless, Digital Signatures Hassle-Free with InterForm

Document and transaction management and approval often require you to collect signatures. This typically means printing a document and, in some cases, acquiring multiple signatures on multiple documents. This means a greater investment in time and resources every time you need something to be signed. Fortunately, that era has ended. With our electronic signature, InterForm Output Management lets you sign documents without printing a single page!

No print, show the documents electronically, sign electronically, and archive them automatically.

Key benefits of our electronic signature

Signing documents electronically with InterForm provides various benefits that will speed up your workflow and make it easier to archive and access your data.

Compatible with any device

Our solution allows you to access and sign documents via browser using your preferred device! Whether a tablet, a smartphone, a computer, or a sign pad, your customers will only need to follow a link and sign right away. Since our platform runs everywhere, you can electronically sign on any device!

Documents electronically signed online can be downloaded and archived instantly. InterForm also allows you to automate this process to further speed up your workflow.

Instant, searchable access

Documents will be accessible immediately after the signee signs them! No more waiting for documents to be scanned before archiving them.

Once the documents are signed, they are saved as a searchable PDF. This means that locating a specific document or specific information within a document is much easier.

Documents are instantly available online

Documents signed electronically are available online right away. They instantly get archived in your network. This makes them accessible to your entire company, in all your branches, and across your network. Our solution grants instant access to everyone who needs to use the document, wherever they are, speeding up the workflow and making it easier for everyone involved.

Additionally, InterForm’s e-signing provides redundancy. With documents instantly available online, they can reach their destination before the physical forms. Digitalizing documents like this adds an additional layer of safety, ensuring the signed documents are available even if their physical forms suffer damage or get lost.

Cost savings of electronic signatures

Signing documents electronically also saves money on printing and scanning, and it makes the signature collection and archival process quick and efficient. This means there’s no need to print out a copy for each party.

Apart from being a green solution that saves costs on paper, automating your documentation process with InterForm will save you money spent on man-hours as well.

Matchless and flexible data quality

Gives you a higher degree of quality than the regular signing process. Not only is the signed electronic document 100% searchable, but the file size is also significantly smaller than a scanned document. This makes it much easier to archive and access. The document itself is also not exposed to physical damages such as coffee spills or tears.

Electronic signature features

  • Electronic signing directly from your host
  • Sign documents through a browser
  • No signature hardware dependency
  • Improves electronic data quality
  • Sign PDF and PDF/A files
  • Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) according to eIDAS

Electronic signature field in InterForm with a persons signature in it

Solution example: Electronic signature in warehouse product pickup

A warehouse handing over a pickup to a distributor or a truck driver would require that person to sign the pickup slip. The way this is usually done is that the warehouse manager gives a physical copy to the person picking up the product. Once they sign the slip, the warehouse scans it and archives it manually. This process takes quite a bit of time. It can take even longer if the loading bay is far away from the offices where the documents are.

With our flexible e-signing solution no one has to leave their workspace to sign documents!

This helps everyone avoid losing time by going back and forth with physical copies of pickup slips or work orders. In addition to this, the document will be safe from any physical damage that can occur during transportation.

InterForm’s electronic signature solution speeds up workflow, provides more accessible information, and allows everyone to have a more reliable way to view their documents.

You’re not bound to a desk with our flexible signing process.

Solution example: Car dealership

An automotive dealership selling a car to a customer will need the buyer to sign the contract to finalize the sale. The way this is done now requires printing the contract and providing the buyer with a physical copy to sign. Afterward, you will need to sign and archive the signed copy in its physical form and a scanned image format.

This process is manual and takes a lot of time and resources. It takes up significant man-hours to scan all of the paperwork and a lot of paper. InterForm can help you automate this process with e-signing.

You can send your customers an email with all the documentation they need to sign. Or, if you want them to review and sign the contract in the store, you can use a tablet, smartphone, or a computer to present the contract to your customers and have them sign on the spot. Thanks to the e-signing software we integrate into our product, these signatures are legally compliant.

The electronic signing of documents is ideal for fast-paced, modern, and digitalized businesses!

If you want to get more information about our product and the solutions it offers, feel free to get in touch with us.