Electronic signatures

Collect Paperless, Digital Signatures Hassle-Free with InterForm

Document and transaction management and approval often require you to collect signatures. This typically means printing a document and, in some cases, acquiring multiple signatures on multiple documents. This means a greater investment in time and resources every time you need something to be signed. Fortunately, that era has ended. InterForm lets you capture signatures without printing a single page!

Some of the key benefits:

Compatible with any device. Access documents via a browser using your preferred device!
Instant, searchable access. Documents will be instantly accessible immediately after it has been signed! No more waiting for documents to be scanned.
Cost savings. Saves you money on printing and scanning, and it makes the signature collection and archival process quick and efficient.
Matchless data quality. Gives you a higher degree of quality than other solutions. Not only is the signed electronic document 100% searchable, but the file size is also significantly smaller than a scanned document. The document itself is also not exposed to coffee spills or other physical damages.


  • Electronic signing directly from your host
  • Sign documents through a browser
  • No signature hardware dependency
  • Integrates seamlessly with InterForm
  • Improves electronic data quality
  • Sign PDF and PDF/A files
  • eIDAS compliant
  • TÜV certified signature software

Solution example: Loan application

Suppose you’re a financial institution which grants loans. You need to acquire the applicant’s signature. InterForm generates the document from your ERP and presents it to the applicant via the signature device. The customer verifies the content on the pad and signs. The signed document is then automatically archived and a customer copy is either emailed or printed.

Solution benefits:

  • No more printing a copy for each party
  • No more collecting physical signatures
  • No more scanning paper to create an electronic archive of the document

The electronic signing of documents is simply ideal for today’s business!