We have teamed up with the German SAP partner Flowprime to make handling ERP output easier for SAP customers.

Thanks to this we implemented a state-of-the-art SAP integration that allows the document generation processes that usually lasted days to only take a couple of hours to get done.

This allows us to provide more comprehensive SAP output management solutions for our SAP customers with all their output including forms, PDFs, Labels, Electronic invoicing, RFID, and much more.

The partnership has already resulted in an integration allowing customers using any ABAP-based SAP System (including SAP S/4Hana, SAP SCM, SAP R/3) to benefit from InterForm Output Management.

We have been working with the experts at Flowprime for some time and it was logical for both parties to officially join forces. The partnership helps both of us perform better services to our respective customers. “ – Peter Sørensen CEO InterForm

Flowprime Managing Partner, Arnulf Hornbach comments:

In the past years, we have spent way too much time creating individual forms for SAP Systems. In many SAP projects, the form development is taking (up) a major share of the budget. On our mission to build a flexible SAP solution, that allows our customers to easily create new forms on their own, we have met InterForm. Together we are now able to revolutionize the output management for the wide SAP product landscape. By delivering a dynamic sap-data-interface we allow our customers to use all their master and transactional to print from the InterForm platform. The ABAP-powered runtime ensures high compatibility of SAP products. We are happy to work with InterForm and looking forward to helping more SAP-Users enjoying an easy printing solution.

Benefits for our customers

We are the optimal choice for SAP users who wants to create top-quality output without having to invest days, weeks, or months on expensive programmers. We make output management simple and transparent.

In addition to this, we provide new value to our clients with the help of our new partner:

  • SAP output projects are delivered 5-10 times quicker
  • Fixed price implementation
  • Easy design and editing tool – no programming needed
  • Access to 500+ ready to use templates and designs

About Flowprime

As an official member of the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem, they design, build, and support intelligent, automated solutions for a variety of industries or parts of industries.

Flowprime combines business operations with IT in Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Material Flow Control, Process Automation, Monitoring, Reporting, and from now on, also InterForm Output Management.

About InterForm

InterForm is the preferred output management solution for thousands of ERP customers across the world. We have 30+ years of 100% dedication to Output Management, which makes us the best of breed in the field. With knowledge about creating documents from ERP systems, we empower ERPs globally and help our clients manage output on any platform, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud.


For more information about the partnership or InterForm solutions feel free to contact us.


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