Last year was a very good year for InterForm. We managed to grow the business financially, increase our customer base and expand our organization. This was achieved following a lot of hard work and laid the foundations to make 2017 even better.
Some of that work has now already paid off and I am delighted to present you our first announcement of 2017.
InterForm is very pleased to announce that with effect from the 1st March, Mr. Thomas Klein joins us as Product Specialist.
Thomas joins us from Infor where he was Project Manager and Software Engineer focusing on ERP Xpert/Xpps and Automotive Exchange.
Thomas comes with almost 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry working in areas of OEM and trading partner guidelines. Thomas also has in excess of 15 years of direct InterForm product experience.

As a Product Specialist, Thomas will be part of the support and consultancy team with specific responsibility for our automotive offering which will be increased significantly during 2017. An offering that includes adapting to OEM and trading partner guidelines, maintaining form packages, and product migration.
On behalf of our partners and customers, I am pleased that we have been able to secure valuable industry knowledge that will be of great importance for our future development. By enhancing valuable industry know-how we will be able to deliver even better product support and development to our customer base.
This is, of course, very important news for our automotive customers but as Thomas comes with 15 years of hands-on InterForm product support experience he will be able to assist and support any InterForm400 or InterFormNG customer regardless of the industry from day one.
This is a very good start to the New Year and in April we will release what is said to be one of the biggest releases we have made in 10 years!


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