InterForm is designed to work on-Premise, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid, being the right tool for making the transition. Many companies have a lot of challenges migrating to the cloud as it is fundamentally very different. In many cases, they find themselves in limbo being partly on-Premise and partly Cloud – we call it the Hybrid phase. The hybrid phase is rather challenging since you are not committed to a particular environment.

But don’t you worry InterForm is designed to help you on your cloud journey. The product is the same regardless of where you run it and all your designs and workflows remain the same – similar to if you change your ERP – you just keep on using InterForm.

Why is this different?

The traditional On-Premise setup is where the software runs locally within the same network and on the same server. On the server, there is local access to resources (images, fonts, printers, etc.) and all the processing happens on-Premise.
When you step into the Cloud, your infrastructure will, in most cases, consist of remote and local processes. The application including the design tool must run in a browser in order to be online available. If you are not printing, you can be 100 % in the Cloud and all the processing happens in the Cloud, quite similar to an On-Premise setup with some exceptions. But if you are printing from the cloud, things are rather different and among other things, you would need to secure the communication between onsite printers and the application running in the cloud.


At InterForm we have completely revamped our software in order to accommodate multi-environment use so you can focus on running your business no matter where you run your software. We have spent 3 years on this journey transforming our software from On-Premise to also handling Cloud and the hybrid phase. Multiple elements had to be taken into account such as print performance, security, user interface, deployment, single/multi-tenant capabilities, and much more.

Reaching for the Cloud?

Similar to how you can reach the skies with different options, the same analogy applies to the Cloud. The most challenging part is the hybrid phase and some may never be able to become 100 % Cloud. BUT don’t worry, InterForm will help all the way no matter you stay On-Premise, step into the Cloud or find yourselves in the Hybrid phase. With the right product, you can save weeks of work and avoid frustrations when adopting Cloud.

InterForm advantages

  • Handles your On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid output
  • The same product when On-Premise or Cloud
  • Secure Cloud printing
  • Handles output from several environments simultaneously
  • No changes to output when stepping into the Cloud
  • 100 % browser-based User Interface
  • Much more….

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Wagon Automotive is InterForm customer

We have been successfully using InterForm for many years and it was therefore an easy decision to also take on the Automotive Solution.

Jan Wassermann – Director Information Technology