Electronic invoicing has been around for several years already. Back in 2005, the Danish Government made it mandatory by law that all invoices to the public sector must be delivered in XML format. So pretty much as a supplier, the only way of getting paid is to deliver your invoices as XML.

This has gradually over the years been increasing to most of the European countries these days covering both the private and the public sector.

In Germany, we are currently implementing ZUGFeRD as well as XRechnung with a lot of our customers. ZUGFeRD is a “funny” format. Basically, it is a combination of PDF and XML where a structured/formatted XML (XRechnung format) is embedded in the PDF. This way you are able to visually view the format as well as set up an automatic process for reading and processing the XML document.

Currently the federal authorities and federal public-institutions in accordance with the E-Rech-Vo request suppliers to submit E-invoices. But also in the public sector, we have seen several industry leaders adopting the requirements, requesting their own suppliers to adopt ZUGFeRD and/or XRechnung.

This “new” thing has the potential to replace the traditional invoices and several other business documents.

Don’t worry InterForm can help you.

Many customers are quite frustrated when they reach out to us as they simply don’t know what to do. The guidelines are very technical and for many difficult to understand. But the “problem” is actually not that big and we have already helped many customers Setup XML invoicing.
There is work to do and most of it concerns preparing data as the data required for e.g. XRechnung is nothing like your standard printed invoice, so some additional work has to be done preparing the data.

We have designed a package, based on the many installations we have done, that has reduced the implementation time to less than a third of the first many installations. This is achieved by standardizing as much as possible. Basically, we have created templates that enable customers to adapt to a new electronic format much quicker and more intelligent.
Reach out to us to learn more about how you can get ready for creating ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, or any format you need.


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