In business today, the requirements for delivering presentable output to end users are high. Whether they’re related to legal regulations or the end users’ needs, delivering consistent output is essential. In addition to this, the company’s own presence and corporate identity is crucial for success. This are all things that a good output management system can help you fix.

What is an output management system?

Enterprise output management is an IT practice that deals with the design, organization, formatting, management, and distribution of documents. These include labels, messages, web services, emails, PDF, RFID, or any other way you share information. The data in these documents is created by enterprise applications like ERPs, WMS, CRMs, and many others. Also, this can, and usually does, include multiple mediums for printing and various input and output formats.

Output management processes usually happen in the background and so, most people rarely notice them. However, all companies have some sort of output, be it shipping labels, barcodes, or order confirmations. And when the processes managing output don’t run as smoothly as possible, your business can suffer.

Imagine if your business couldn’t send invoices or sign documents electronically for just a single day. The costs in delays would be substantial.

Benefits of having a good output management system

ERPs and other systems are primarily designed to process and display data on screens. Therefore, they tend to neglect other output formats. This results in significant limitations in their capabilities when it comes to designing, printing, and distributing your forms, emails, or messages.

A good output management system can help you overcome these challenges and speed up your processes. The right output management solution is like glue. It holds everything together even though you don’t always see it working. It can help drive your business to success by providing you with several benefits.

Centralized document and form management

Many businesses today have a complex infrastructure. This includes multiple applications each generating its own type of input across multiple platforms. Your ERP was not designed to extract data from all of them at the same pace. Not to mention that this complex system makes it almost impossible to consistently design output files.

Output management solutions help you centralize your document management. This means there is only one software solution that handles all your invoicing, printing, labels, and more. With a single solution, you can provide more consistent output when it comes to both internal and external documents.

Personalized Output

A personalized message is far more powerful than a generic one. It boosts your brand and appears more professional. Ideally, you’d want every bit of your output to be recognizable to the people you’re working with.

Preprinted stationery may be long gone, but many ERP applications are still unable to manage dynamic content and deliver personalized output. Output management systems like InterForm enable you to customize your output in any way you like.

Faster Processes

When your output management is more efficient, it benefits the entire company. It speeds up processes that are at the very core of your business.

For example, sending a reminder email for an unpaid invoice is always a drag. It takes up man-hours and makes you do extra work even after you’ve already completed the work you’re supposed to get paid for. The amount of work increases with the number of clients you’re reminding about invoices.

A good output management system will allow you to update your data across all forms and templates in seconds. You can even attach the missed invoices to the reminder email automatically. This prevents a lot of back and forth emailing and saves your business a lot of time.

Why InterForm Output Management System?

InterForm is a single software that manages all output across your entire infrastructure. It is an intelligent output management system that enables you to customize your output. Additionally, InterForm acts as a central tool, allowing you to combine multiple distribution channels like laser printing, label printing, PDFs, email, and much more in single and multi-distribution flows.

Our software makes life easier for companies that want to improve their document design, handling, and distribution to end users.

You’re no longer tied to your ERP

Our solution runs across multiple platforms, and supplements ERPs. As a business changes in size, needs, or requirements, so do the tools they use. InterForm can still help you keep your output consistent, regardless of the ERP you’re using. So, if your company decides to switch systems, you’ve still got all your documents saved and designed exactly how you wanted.

Utilize the greatness of the cloud and scale your business as much as you want, whenever you need it. Moving your business into the cloud can also help you maximize your business’s reach when your on-premise infrastructure doesn’t allow it. This means that a sudden increase in output demand won’t catch you off-guard.

International support

We have experience with clients all over the world. Our solution is designed to help you create output compliant with both local and international regulations. Depending on which one you need. We also cover a wide variety of languages with full Unicode and DBCS support.

Finally, InterForm comes with client support across the globe. If you run into any problems, just contact us and we’ll assist you.

Fast and easy to use

InterForm provides an intelligent output solution that is easy to use and works with styles and global parameters to help you keep your output consistent and up to date. With InterForm, changing your logo or address across all forms can be done in seconds! Our Drag-and-Drop Document Designer is WYSIWYG and requires no programming! Also, InterForm allows you to add logic into your output, reducing manual errors and increasing consistency.

No expensive consultancy hours

ERP systems come with some limitations when it comes to managing your output. They may get you what you need, but it usually involves days of work and has a big price tag attached.

Most ERP vendors acknowledge that output management is not their area of expertise and usually depend on professional services charging high prices, even for minor adjustments. This is not a profitable solution for your business.

InterForm focuses on everything that happens after data is displayed on the screen. We are experts in turning data from various formats into documents you need to conduct your business seamlessly. We are completely dedicated to ensuring you meet your output requirements

Work smarter with proper output management systems

Many companies today still struggle with the new technological trends and industry standards. Also, ever-changing rules and regulations impact how they manage their various forms of output. You can overcome challenges with printing, designing, and distributing your documents with the right output management software by your side.

When working with InterForm you have a partner that is 100 % dedicated and focused on making sure you can accommodate any output requirements you may have or get. We back what we say. Try our software for free and let us show you how we can help you manage your output to speed up your processes.



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