Systems Are Designed for Screens

ERPs and other systems are primarily designed to process and display data on screens. They tend to see output management as a less important component of their function, resulting in significant limitations in their capabilities. Additionally, designing these output documents can be a real challenge.

This is one reason why consultants can and do charge high prices, even for minor adjustments. Most ERP vendors acknowledge that output management is not their area of specialty and choose to partner with service providers like InterForm. Unlike various ERP providers, our business focuses on everything that happens after data is displayed on the screen. We are experts in turning data into documents.

Centralize Output Management

Many businesses today have a complicated infrastructure with multiple applications each generating their own sort of input with their own respective functionalities and limitations. This complex system makes it almost impossible to generate consistently designed output documents.

InterForm is one program that manages all output across your entire infrastructure. InterForm acts as a central tool, allowing you to combine multiple distribution channels like laser printing, label printing, PDFs, email, and much more in single and multi-distribution flows.

Work Smarter with Output Management Software

Intelligent output management is more efficient, benefitting you and the entire company. InterForm enables you to easily edit any output in seconds and we work with styles and global parameters to help you keep your output consistent and up to date. With InterForm, changing your logo or address across all forms can be done in seconds!

InterForm allows you to add logic into your output, reducing manual errors and increasing consistency. And InterForm is designed to be easy-to-use: no programming required!

Personalized Output

Individualized messaging is far more powerful than a generic message. Preprinted stationery may be long gone, but many applications are still unable to manage dynamic content and deliver personalized output.

InterForm is an intelligent output management software that enables you to customize your output in any way you like. Personalize your output with InterForm and increase your output quality and presence.

Application Independent Software

Systems tend to be replaced when there are changes in company size, workspace, or technology, even if the corporate identity remains the same.

By using InterForm, users are no longer tied to any ERP or other system; you can change your IT infrastructure without affecting your existing forms and workflow routines. Change your ERP without having to redo your output routines, setup, and designs with InterForm!


Hey there, thank you for reading my posts. I write about output management. In fact, I have done it for 15 years and I love it. With that said, I like to share what I learn. Through the years I have had many roles - presales, sales, marketing, and today I am now CEO and owner of InterForm with the same learning mentality. I am very interested in topics involving new trends, what is going on out there, and how we can help customers solve challenges. My true passion is helping and inspiring customers. I like to be inspired by others so please reach out to me if you have something to share. Peter